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One Coin. One Community.

About Pepecoin

Pepecoin is a community focused cryptocurrency created by one of the original Dogecoin shibes from 2013. It was created for one purpose, to create a new and fun community just like the original Dogecoin community.

Simple Layer 1

Pepecoin is a layer 1 blockchain, not an ERC20 token. There are no confusing smart contracts that can be used by bad actors to steal funds.

Born From Dogecoin

Pepecoin is a fork of Dogecoin. Developers and users familiar with Dogecoin will feel right at home with Pepecoin.

Secure Blockchain

Like Dogecoin, Pepecoin's blockchain is secured using Merged Mining.

Completely Safe

Pepecoin is completely open source. You can view the source code here.

image of pepecore program

Pepecoin Core

Send, receive, and manage your Pepecoin effortlessly with the intuitive wallet interface.

Day 1 Cold Storage

Safely store your PEPE in the Pepecoin Paper Wallet.

image of Pepe paper wallet
image of Pepe paper wallet

Reddit & Discord Tipbots

Pepecoin tipping is supported in over 34,000 Discord servers! Head over to to add Pepecoin tipping to your server.

Additionally, Pepecoin tipping is supported on all public subreddits! Send a direct message to u/pepetipbot on Reddit to get started.

image of pepecoin explorer website

Pepecoin Blockchain Explorer

Find out all the latest information about the Pepecoin Blockchain by visiting


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